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Welcome to Energy Inc. site, an Oilfield Services Company operating in Egypt and the Middle East.

We are a leading provider of products and services in Tubing Conveyed Perforation (TCP) and in non-damaging additives for drilling, completion and workover fluids.

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Energex TCP systems   our  TCP line of products & Services.

Tbc-Brinadd: Non-Damaging Fluid Additives  Loss of Circulation Materials.
We represent TBC-Brinadd (a pioneer in the development of non-damaging fluids for the formation) and are its sole distributor in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the U.A.E and most of the Middle East.

Procurement Services -   Outservicing and Material Management
for Oilfield Projects.

Energy Inc. is looking at enlarging actual operations into the Gulf region and other Middle East area thru a network of associates, agency representatives and partners.
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