TBC-BRINADD Fluid Systems

Design & Application

  Salt Systems
  Oil Soluble Resins

Products Info
  Bridgesal -Ultra
  PBS Plug
  Safety Data

Application & Mixture
  Sealing & Curing losses
  Seal Application
  Drill & Remove fill
  Change of ESP
 Salt Systems
  up to 250°F
  up to 265°F
  up to 275°F
  up to 290°F
  up to 305°F
  Curing losses after Frac Job
  Mill / Fish
 Oil Soluble
  OSS Pill
  OSS Pill & Solubridge


Energy Inc. offers high technology Fluid Systems from TBC-Brinadd .

TBC, a dynamic, integrated company that develops, produces and markets non-damaging drill-in, completion and workover fluid additives. Since the 1940's the company has been a pioneer in developing fluids that minimize damage to the producing zone .

Technology for bridging porous, permeable or fractured formations with non-damaging systems during any phase of operations in the payzone .

*Drilling into payzone
*Lost circulation pills water and or oil soluble
*Gravel packing
*Sand washing and milling
*Diverting for stimulation treatments
*Easily removable fluids for payzone cementing

Energy inc, the sole distributor for Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the U.A.E & most the middle east, is a leader {thru TBC support} in the field of designing and applying non-damaging formulations for payzone applications where fluid loss and potential formation damage need to be avoided such as:
* Post perforation / DST testing , Fracturing, Changing TBG or Pump, Milling and Cleaning sand fill .

The systems are either water soluble or oil soluble and can be easily and totally removed via produced connate fluid or oil .

Provision of products and full engineering service is available to all prospective customers .