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Energex TCP Systems,  (Energy Inc.'s TCP line of products and services)
is a reliable leader in tubing conveyed perforation.
It provides premier products and services operating safely via qualified & well trained personnel.

Perforations is the most vital and important aspect of a completion. To get adequate inflow area in cased hole wells resulting in optimum productivity or injectivity the perforations must meet criteria such as:

(1) Must be sufficient in diameter and number
(2) Deep enough to pass the damaged zone around the wellbore
(3) Must be debris free and have the correct phasing

Conventional casing guns and thru tubing guns are fired on electrical line and can not offer maximum well performance and are costly in view of operations and rig time in lengthy intervals .They are fired overbalanced leaving the damage inside the perfs .

Tubing conveyed guns are safely fired mechanically via a drop bar and or hydraulically after wellhead control devices are installed and once required
underbalance to the wellbore is reached .The underbalanced condition creates a surge which forces debris & unconsolidated cement out of the perforations.